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Simba the Bengal
Name: Simba
Age: One year old
Gender: Female
Kind: Bengal
Home: Minsk, Belarus
   Introducing Simba the Bengal kitten!

     In November 2015, we decided to get a cat and started reading about different cat breeds. And as a result we stopped on bengal cats, as they are communicative and devoted to a human. Simba became the member of our family from the very first day with us. She is a socialized cat, spends with us all the time we are at home, usually talks to us (bengals are very talkative) especially when we come home and runs to meet us whatever she is doing at that moment. Her favorite activities are running and jumping around the house, playing with her toys (she has many toys and chooses the toy depending on her mood) and watching animals TV channels. One of her favorite tricks is bringing us the pencil that we through to her, just like a dog does. One more special features of bengals is that they love water and love having a bath. But Simba doesn't seem to be a water fan :)

     With the help of my kitty Simba, I picked out 52 simple tips and tricks you can use for photographing your cat or kitten. These are designed to help you make your cat pictures brighter and more attractive. And Simba, of course, is the model and star of them all!

     So, here are the first 5 cat photography tips and tricks:

     1. Be ready
     To make good pictures of cats – keep your camera charged and your memory cards empty. Your camera should be as close to you as possible so that you can take a cat photo whenever the opportunity arises. You never know when a unique and lovely situation may present itself and turn into a perfect cat photography.

     2. Be patient
     The key to brilliant, cute cats pictures is patience. It doesn't matter what pet you have, because photographing cats requires a great deal of patience. Some cats are scared of cameras; others, on the contrary, are not. Be patient in taking pictures of cats, and eventually, you'll have fascinating cat images.

     3. Define your cat photography style
     Analyze the cat photography of people you are following. Whose incredible cat photos do you like most of all? Take a close look at good cat pictures that caught your eye. What exactly impressed you about them?
     A good idea is to capture screenshots of your favorite cat photos (not to use them afterward, but for clarity). You can add them to great cat photos album and try to figure out what common factors they share.

     4. Analyze the personality of your pet
     What concerns tips on how to take a good photo, first of all, think about what makes your cat different from the rest – maybe your cat is always sleepy and imposing, or perhaps it's frisky and playful. Or, maybe yours is curious and always on the run. In this case, it would be better to take cat photos at the local park, while your pet runs about and plays with other animals.
     Moreover, your cat may have some external distinguishing features. For example, perhaps your cat is constantly sticking out his or her tongue, or maybe he or she has an especially narrow chin.

     5. Plan the photo shoot
     Do you want to know the main secret of a stylish cat photo shoot? It's all in the planning. Many photographers take a series of photos at a time, and then they share them over a week – or even over a month. It helps lead your blog steadily, attracting new followers, and it's especially effective when you don't have time to take new cute cat photos.

     The other 47 cat photography tips and tricks you can find on Simba's site!

Simba the Bengal Simba the Bengal Simba the Bengal Simba the Bengal

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