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December 24, 2005

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Gominou, the Cat of the Day
Name: Gominou
Age: Six years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Cat
Home: St-Eustache, Québec, Canada
   Here is Gominou, meaning big cat in french. I got him a few weeks after my other cat Bandit died of mouth cancer last July 2004. I could not live without a cat, so I got Gominou at the SPCA. He had been in a cage for about 45 days and he looked mean, I think that's why nobody wanted him. But I thought that I should give him a chance and he turned out to be a very affectionate cat who loves to eat eat eat. I think he weighs about 20 to 25 pounds but he is a big size cat anyway. He has been on a diet for a year, but no results as you can see. He plays a lot and likes to be brushed. In this picture, he does not like the hat and scarf, but I thought he looked cute. He will let me do whatever with him because he likes the attention. He is a great cat, I just love him so. Merry Christmas to all from Gominou and his master!

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