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April 25, 1999

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Fred and Patchyone, the Cat of the Day
Name: Fred, Patchyone
Age: Three months old
Gender: Females
Breed: Tabby, Long-Haired Calico
Home: Federal Way, Washington, USA
   Fred and Patchyone are sisters and we brought them home to help us get over the death of our kitty, Kucka. We intended to only pick out one kitten, but we fell in love with them both. We are so happy that we took two because they have so much fun together and they're so cute when they snuggle up and groom each other. Their favorite thing to do is to climb up an imitation tree that we have in our living room and play "jungle cat." They both like to sleep on top of the entertainment center in the rec room. We love these two little rascals very much. They are the cutest pair ever and have helped us through a sad time when we lost our Kucka.

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