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April 18, 1999

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Samara, the Cat of the Day
Name: Samara
Age: Two years old
Gender: Female
Breed: Domestic Medium-Hair
Home: Ohio, USA
   Sam is a very beautiful, lucky kitty! Before I found her and her brother, she lived in a dumpster. Her left eye had been shot out, and she had a BB embedded in her side. When I began to feed her, she learned to trust me, even though she was afraid of people. Samara is a sweet, elegant kitty, who deserves and receives a lot of love. She is a tiny little bundle of fur with a tiny "meow" to match, but she is very affectionate. Samara just had her eye sewn shut, so she looks like she's winking! The picture I have of her here, is a "before" picture. It has been retouched, though, because her eye was not very pleasant to look at =( Samara is such a sweet, loving cat, she doesn't deserve what happened to her, but I am making up for it now with lots of petting and treats! She loves to eat and always runs to greet me with her bushy tail high in the air!

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