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April 16, 1999

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Templeton, the Cat of the Day
Name: Templeton
Age: Two years old
Gender: Male
Breed: Siamese
Home: Memphis, Tennessee, USA
   When I bought Tempy he was this sweet little baby. We brought Templeton home when he was five weeks old. He was the cutest little kitten I had ever seen. He had this little baby meow and was so innocent. Now that he is a big boy he thinks he rules the roost. His little meow turned into a roar (like a lion, which I think he thinks he is). He goes into the back yard and roams in the vines and bushes just waiting for you to come by so he can jump out and scare you. He loves to play hide and seek. You can get someone to hold him or just let him be and go hide and he will skulk around until he finds you. He screams until he does. Then he wants to play more. I guess you can say he is king of this house. Everyone loves him.

    He is very temperamental toward people he does not like but he is very loving to his family. He loves to go outside in the back yard and stalk the birds and squirrels. I don't think he would know what to do it he ever caught one. He has his own jungle in the back yard and will not run away while he is out there.

    His favorite food is chicken. He will eat until he is stuffed and then it is time to take a nap. He knows when chicken is being served for dinner and he knows his chair at the table. He takes his place like everyone else.

    When it is time to eat in the morning he walks around the house and roars (he does not by any means just meow) until someone gets up to feed him. He loves to be in high places and anywhere will do. He will jump on your shoulder to get up on the top of doors or he will jump up there to just ride around.

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