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April 16, 1999

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Desmond, the Cat of the Day
Name: Desmond
Age: Three years old
Gender: Male
Breed: Black & White Shorthair
Home: Newton Le Willows, England, United Kingdom
   Desmond's the best. He's highly intelligent, and loves being brushed. Just the other day he was walking past and I held his brush out to him to see if he wanted to be brushed - he stood up on his back legs, grabbed the brush with both paws and rubbed his face against the brush!!! I swear!! I have witnesses!! He lost his tail in an accident last year, so it's harder to tell his moods - he just has to purr louder, I guess. There's definitely something in his eyes - he's very "with it."

    We lost Des for almost a day last year, and when he finally showed up he was like a wild animal, growling and hissing. We got a vet out late one night, and he told us that he seemed to have broken his tail, near the base of his spine. He had to have the tail amputated, and it was touch and go whether his bowel functions would ever be the same again, due to the close proximity of vital nerves in his spine near the fracture - a classic (and extreme) "tail-pull" injury commonly caused by Road Traffic Accidents and other impactful injuries.

    It's almost six months since the injury now, his bottom has healed up nicely, and his fur has grown back. I've recently noticed that there is a small tuft of fur covering the "stump" (Actually the one remaining protruding vertebra of his tail) - and I've since noticed that sometimes the tuft is flat, and sometimes it's a bit spiky, so I think that this is the only remaining evidence of the "tail-lift" used as a greeting type of body language in cats. So he's 100% fit, happy, and spoilt to death (as before). The vet said that the only reason he pulled through was because he was well looked after, so you can imagine how good that makes us feel!!

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