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April 11, 1999

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Scarlett, the Cat of the Day
Name: Scarlett
Age: Nine months old
Gender: Female
Breed: Oriental Shorthair
Home: Las Vegas, USA
   Hi this is Scarlett. We've only had her since Thursday but I think she deserves to be cat of day! I found her in a parking behind a casino here in Las Vegas. She was very pregnant and actively approaching each person and telling them all about it. She was a cat with a find her kittens a safe home. I took her home with me and she didn't complain one bit about the 35-minute car ride. Less than 36 hours later Scarlett gave birth to seven kittens! If she's not the Cat of the Day she should at least be the Mom of the Day for having the courage to speak up when needed help. Scarlett is all black and the vet believes she is an ebony oriental shorthair. Very petite and slightly undernourished.

    Update: Her seven kittens are all in their new homes and are twelve weeks old now. See them on the kitten extravaganza page!

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