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April 7, 1999

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Zeus, the Cat of the Day
Name: Zeus
Age: Nine months old
Gender: Male
Breed: Panamanicat
Home: Panama City, Panama
   This is our cat Zeus. He adopted us when he was a flea-bitten, parasite-ridden stray of four weeks old! My cat-hating husband was putty in kitty's paws within five minutes of their meeting. He has that effect on most everybody. He loves people and runs to answer the door whenever visitors come calling. He loves to chase shadows and flashlight beams all over the house every chance he gets. He isn't much of a cuddler, usually being much too busy to be bothered with that. Zeus is an avid bird watcher, moth hunter and shoelace eater. This former stray has done quite well for himself and is now healthy and happy. He has certainly livened up our lives with his antics. Never has this family laughed so much. We just couldn't imagine life without him!

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