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April 1, 1999

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Simba, the Cat of the Day
Name: Simba
Age: One and a half years old
Gender: Female
Breed: Calico
Home: California, USA
   Simba has been nothing but a bundle of joy in our lives. She is quite a character. At an early age, Simba would munch her food and talk at the same time in between crunches. As time went on, she started developing a habit of running around the house chasing her shadow and barking. We do not joke when we say she barks. She has a deep throaty bark as she runs from here to there.

    Simba is the most loving, trusting cat that we have ever seen. She is curious (as the saying goes) and once drove off with a contractor doing repairs to our home. She jumped up into his truck to investigate. The man didn't realize for five minutes that there was a cat in the car. As he tells it, Simba sat in the passenger's seat looking out the window, pleased as good be to be going on a new adventure. Simba now shares the house with two other rescued kittens (Artemis and Apollo) and she loves them very much. They all eat and play together and most every night they sleep in a big lump at the end of the bed.

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