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Baloo, the Cat of the Day
Name: Baloo
Age: Eight months old
Gender: Male
Kind: British Shorthair
Home: Dublin, Ireland
   Baloo is a very lovely kitten with such a sweet personality. He loves sleeping in strange cat yoga positions which is very funny :) He also is a purring machine, he loves purring!

    Baloo is my first British shorthair kitten, I have never had a pedigree cat before, but for all my life I have always had a cat around :) Usually they were brought by me from the street especially when I was younger, I'm always very sorry for street kittens or abandoned cats in shelters. But this step - get a kitten from a breeder, was a very well thought out decision, and I and my partner were thinking a lot about it. So he is a little child for us, like a baby boy! We adore him and love him very much, to us he is the most beautiful and lovely cat in the world!

    Baloo has a very sweet personality and a lovely character. He is a bit stubborn and always wants to do the things his way, especially he loves being near us at all times-when we are taking shower, dining or watching TV, playing guitar or cooking etc. So when we are at our dinner table, Baloo often wants to just lay on the table observing us eating. Sometimes he will beg for the food too, a little bit. :) When I'm putting him down to the floor he can complain (making a specific meow sound) but he understands when we say "No". He is a smart kitten! He is very well behaved, does not make a mess and in general calm and peaceful. I'm very happy I went for this breed, to me it's the best ever breed! And he is a very beautiful cat too :) he loves us - his owners, but with strangers he is rather suspicious. He prefers to go away or hide, does not really like the strangers too much.

Baloo, the Cat of the Day
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Baloo, the Cat of the Day
Baloo, the Cat of the Day

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