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Prince the Angora/Persian mix
Name: Prince
Age: Two years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Angora/Persian mix
Home: Beirut, Lebanon
   I wasn't a cat fan, and when I received Prince as a gift I wasn't too happy either. With time I never thought that I would be so attached to him, but when I had to have surgery on my feet and couldn't move from the bed, Prince stopped eating. He did not want to leave my bed, he was always sleeping next to my feet (as if he knew that I was hurting).

     Since I have such an amazing relationship with him, he follows me everywhere. He loves to play hide and seek with me, which I never knew a cat would do. He reacts like a dog, and he answers my call when I need him. And he is smart - when I say “No,” he never does the mistake twice. He loves affection but of course when he wants it. In his features i find his eyes very special and full of expression. I love him very much.

Prince the Angora/Persian mix Prince the Angora/Persian mix Prince the Angora/Persian mix

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