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Kit-Kat the Tabby
Name: Kit-Kat
Age: Seven years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Tabby
Home: Denver, Colorado, USA
   We adopted Kit-Kat when he was one year old at a local shelter. Now six years later we have learned all about his funny and special personality. He has made it clear that he doesn't want to be picked up at random. He chooses the time to sit on a lap. He is also a little particular about petting-- he likes to be petted and scratched on his head and neck but not on his back at all or his stomach. We're not sure where he spent the first year of his life but we have a feeling he did not warm up to a lot of human touching during that time.

     Kit-Kat's favorite playthings are little pom-pom balls. He bats them around the floor, and loves to slide them under the couch or piano like a private treasure. Sometimes he waits near the hiding place likes he's hunting just in case a pom-pom ball tries to escape.

     Kit-Kat has a funny habit of running to the mail slot in our living room every day when he hears the mail come. Then he sits there looking up at the mail slot at attention, waiting for one of us to come retrieve the mail. Once we get it, he wants to sniff it-- maybe he smells the scent of the mail carrier. This daily routine seems a bit like a dog-- it's amazing how consistently he does this each day.

     Kit-Kat is happiest when he's in his soft pet bed kneading his claws and purring. He'll do that for quite some time. He also has a place on top of the couch cushion that is his spot-- it's covered in cat hair so we've given that cushion over to him. He also likes to watch out the windows for birds or squirrels and makes a chirping hunting sound when he spots one.

     He's a unique cat and we're so glad we adopted him!

Kit-Kat the Tabby Kit-Kat the Tabby Kit-Kat the Tabby Kit-Kat the Tabby

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