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Jinx the Ragdoll
Name: Jinx
Age: Five years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Ragdoll
Home: Lantana, Texas, USA
   Jinx is our Ragdoll - he is Full Blooded and Registered, but that is not why he is so special to us. If cute and cuddles had a name, this would be it. Jinx loves to play and loaf. He is also a travel cat. At the time we picked him up in Oklahoma - we had a long ride home; fortunately for us, he imitated a mink wrap around my wife's neck as we made our way back to Texas. He has a very melodious voice and striking blue eyes. The breed standard says he should be very trusting, and he is. He is the only cat that I can lay supine and he still lays as still as possible.

     He did spend most of his formative time with my wife and is as loyal to her as I have ever seen. He will follow from room to room and is as cute in personality as he is in looks. We love him.

Jinx the Ragdoll Jinx the Ragdoll Jinx the Ragdoll Jinx the Ragdoll Jinx the Ragdoll Jinx the Ragdoll Jinx the Ragdoll

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