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Ada, the Cat of the Day
Name: Ada
Age: Two and a half years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Domestic shorthair
Home: Minnesota, USA
   Ada is the first cat we got, and she came from a shelter. We researched online beforehand and she stood out. When we arrived to the shelter, we were initially disappointed because she was nowhere to be found, and we thought that she may have been adopted by another family. Just when we were preparing to head back home and come back next time reading happened past the sick room - and there she was, being treated with a cold. We took her home that same day and nursed her back to health. And here she is, with all her adorable quirks.

    Ada is the very definition of our idea of "perfect." She is a sweet, mild-mannered cat and loves to play, but would rather curl up on my lap and get rubs. It doesn't take much for her to turn into a purring machine. She takes bath time and grooming like a lady, and loves to be walked around the yard, chasing bunnies and butterflies in the sunshine. Every time I come home from work she is by the door, demanding cuddles when I walk in.

    She loves to catch bugs, so at the end of the day before going to bed she will look around the bedroom inspecting for creepy-crawlies and when satisfied, will settle beside me in bed and will stay with me until I fall asleep. Sometimes she will walk over to my pillow and nuzzle my neck to let me know she wants to get under the sheets and snuggle. Ada is the best cat I could ever ask for.

    She participated in the Mice Bucket Challenge, to raise awareness to support our local shelter? She donated! Here's her official YouTube video - Ada - Mice Bucket Challenge.

Ada, the Cat of the Day
Ada, the Cat of the Day

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