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Triton, the Cat of the Day
Name: Triton
Age: Five years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Bengal Lynx
Home: Los Angeles, California, USA
   This is my boy, Triton. He is a Lynx-Pointed Bengal, but he thinks he's a big, tough doggie. He's very active, he runs to the door and wags his tail when someone knocks. He also plays fetch like a retriever. Triton loves to wrestle with my guy. He can be quite aggressive, but that's his nature. He pees in the toilet and meows when he hears the word "food."

    Triton is also very loving. He can lick all day long if you let him, but also bites sometimes, so be wary! He loves to go on car rides, too - he sits on the driver's lap. Also, he looooves the beach - a good California boy! He's a one of a kind cat, very inquisitive and deserves to be honored!

Triton, the Cat of the Day
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Triton, the Cat of the Day
Triton, the Cat of the Day
Triton, the Cat of the Day

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