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Oreo the Mediumhair Cat, the Cat of the Day
Name: Oreo
Age: Eight years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Mediumhair Cat
Home: Texas, USA
   We got Oreo when he was around two years old. He was born an outdoor cat and has remained outdoors all his life. He stuck around our house because that is where he ges fed, and petted. His hideout is a small area in the bushes. He also likes to come inside the workshop when it’s cold and/or wet and rainy, and cuddle up in some blankets on the soft chair near the door. Once when it was time for him to go out (he’s not allowed in there alone for his own safety - too much a kitty could hurt himself with), I picked him up off the chair. He squeaked in protest and held on to one of the blankets with a claw. Needless to say, he did NOT want to leave!

     Oreo is a very friendly cat; when he sees you, he comes, meowing at you. When he reaches you, he winds around your legs, still meowing, until you either pick him up and pet him, or sit down so he can cuddle up on your lap to be petted. On both occasions he will purr and purr and purr, and rather loudly, too. He also likes to give you head-bumpies. When we come home after a shopping trip or other, Oreo comes out to greet us. Oreo also loves his food; he won’t settle down until he gets it.

     Although Oreo is people-friendly, he is far from other-cat-friendly. We have two other, indoor cats, Princess and Duchess. One day I took Princess outside for a walk. Oreo came and yowled at her, walking around and around. Then, suddenly, he jumped at Princess and they had a short fight before I separated them. One of them had squealed during the scuffle, but thankfully neither of them was hurt. For the rest of the time out there, Oreo kept trying to get near Princess, but was shooed away. They have had some through-window meetings, as well. Princess and Duchess both had a similar one; they were by the window and hissing at Oreo, who tried to get at them through the window, causing them to run away, so it is a good thing that Oreo is an outdoor cat and Princess and Duchess are indoor cats.

     I love him, he is a very friendly, handsome, and cute cat.

Oreo the Mediumhair Cat, the Cat of the Day Oreo the Mediumhair Cat, the Cat of the Day

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