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Whisper the Tortoiseshell Longhair
Name: Whisper
Age: Thirteen years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Tortoiseshell Longhair
Home: Florida, USA
   Whisper is super talkative and so friendly! She is a grand 13 years old! She doesn't really act it though! She loves having her picture taken, and she is so photogenic. Every morning when I get up she starts meowing to me about her morning and when I’m on the phone she must be next to me to listen in on the conversation!

     I found her when she was a tiny kitten, in the middle of a bad rain storm down the road from my house. She looked quite amusing, her colors blended in perfectly with the leaves and stuff around her. All I could make out was her bright green eyes. I nearly stepped on her but I noticed her eyes and scooped her up and took her in.

     When the food dish is empty she smacks the bowl with her paw making a loud noise as if anyone dare not feed her. She is always around the living room to relax with everyone. No type of storm bothers her, be it snow or rain she's totally fine! Even with a hurricane we had last year, she just sat there chill while the rest of the animals freaked out. She is a very special lady.

Whisper the Tortoiseshell Longhair Whisper the Tortoiseshell Longhair Whisper the Tortoiseshell Longhair Whisper the Tortoiseshell Longhair

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