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Mylo the American Bobtail
Name: Mylo
Age: Deceased, Twelve years old
Gender: Male
Kind: American Bobtail
Home: Magnolia, Texas, USA
   How does one define Mylo? An American "bobtail" for a start. He started life with us by being a self-rescue. Meaning he showed up one day, half grown, under the hood of my truck, shouting up a storm.* He hopped out of the engine compartment, followed me into the house, and stayed.

     He was a wonderful friend and constant pest. No matter what was going on in the house he felt he was needed right in the middle of it. He considered himself to be skilled at computing, he was very good at throwing the computer mouse on the floor when your hand was not on it, and relished batting at your fingers as you typed. He assisted in making most every meal, he certainly joined us by hopping on the table for most meals, felt he could be particularly helpful when we had guests, and he excelled at cleaning up plates following the meal. He ate vegetarian foods, he enjoyed several types of salads with several different cat friendly dressings, and he enjoyed a wider range of vegetables than at least one of our kids. He also enjoyed knocking things on the floor to watch them bounce, water glasses were a favorite and they were more fun if they had a lot in them. I also lost a couple of check books while he was on desk duty. I suspect, never proven, that he just dumped them in the wastepaper basket which was emptied and contents were well on the way to a landfill before I needed the check book. He didn’t admit to that particular suspicion of mine. His name as he heard it was usually preceded with “get down” followed by Mylo, or something similar.

     His life was cut very short by causes unknown. He was perfectly happy and behaving normally one evening, next morning he could hardly breathe. His abdomen and lungs filled with blood/fluids overnight. We suspect it was an abdominal aneurysm that ruptured. We lost the little guy in less than 48 hours. He was the most people connected cat we have every been adopted by, and there have been many. I cannot believe how much he Is missed every day.

     *Not every cat who seeks warmth and shelter under a hood will be so vocal. Now that cold weather is here, please take the simple precaution to thump your hood in the morning before starting your engine, in case anyone is sleeping inside - that will give them time to jump out and safely away!

Mylo the American Bobtail Mylo the American Bobtail Mylo the American Bobtail

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