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Athena the Maine Coon Cat
Name: Athena
Age: One year old
Gender: Female
Kind: Maine Coon Cat
Home: Jakarta, Indonesia
   Deliacoon Athena, Athena for short, is our Maine Coon cat. Her breed is a gentle giant cat, they always love to be near humans. True to her breed, she loves to play and is loyal just like a dog. Athena is our third Maine Coon cat, she was our first born kitten from our Maine Coon cattery. She is very curious about everything. She likes to watch tv and play cats game on the iPad.

     Athena is a loving sister, we have a newborn kitten from her mother (the second litter born here), and she likes to take care of her sisters and brothers and loves them so much. She is a very independent cat, and likes to hunt bugs. We love her very much. You can see more of her and her family on our Instagram and

     You can see more of her on our Instagram or on Facebook, look for Deliacoon Cattery. We look forward to see her mature and have her many years ahead.

Athena the Maine Coon Cat Athena the Maine Coon Cat Athena the Maine Coon Cat

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