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Dexter the Domestic Shorthair, the Cat of the Day
Name: Dexter
Age: Ten months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Domestic Shorthair
Home: Guernsey, Channel Islands, UK
   This is Dexter. He is a neutered Domestic Shorthair who is approximately ten months old. He resides in Guernsey, Channel Islands and lives a life of luxury with me, my husband and our other two cats. I stopped Veterinary Nursing last year after 23 years due to poor health and he gives me the cuddles and entertainment that I miss from working with animals on a daily basis. He always greets me when I arrive home, he sleeps with (on) me every night and "holds your hand."

     He is incredibly affectionate, he loves to cuddle and tries to put his paws around you, and will sleep up under my chin with his head against mine. He is also very chatty, especially when trying to catch flies, he does the strange "chatter" when he sees a fly or a bird outside and it is really loud, but a bit squeaky! He plays all the time as still a youngster and the house looks like we have children with the amount of toys we have, although his favourite toy is usually a palm leaf! He will play with this for hours! We have a large scratching post in the window and he sits up there during the day, watching the birds until he will eventually curl up and go to sleep, usually with his head hanging off the edge.

     The cutest thing he does is sit like a meerkat, he will sit like this for ages, with his paws up, especially if he thinks there is food involved. He is gentle and sweet natured and I couldn't imagine my home without him.

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