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Zooey, the Cat of the Day
Name: Zooey
Age: Two years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Cat
Home: Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
   Zooey rode 22 miles (35km) under a car hood to her forever home. I parked next to my friend Teresa at work one day, and she was holding a scared little kitten. She had heard Zooey under the hood of her car and had her in her hands by the time I got there. I took her to my vet and then to our home where she quickly became the queen of house. At that time, we had recently lost five of our six older cats within two years.

    Farley, our fifteen-year old, is very fond of her, thank goodness. We were not sure how he would react to this new little sister. After she wore us and Farley out with her kitten-ness, we had to go to the Animal Shelter and find her a sister. Belle, a tortie, is a great sister for Zooey and a very wonderful cat. We call Zooey our Diva Cat, and love her as the royalty she obviously is!

Zooey, the Cat of the Day
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Zooey, the Cat of the Day
Zooey, the Cat of the Day

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