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Citrus, the Cat of the Day
Name: Citrus
Age: Eight years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Maine Coon
Home: Folcroft, Pennsylvania, USA
   My Citrus is special because he was rescued by my husband and I. He was abandoned by his mother when my husband was cutting grass. She dropped him while transporting him. My husband brought him to me, and he was not even the size of my hand. I told my husband to put him back because the mom might come back looking for him but six hours went by and Citrus was still there all alone, and I could not leave him there. So my husband brought him to me again, and we got kitten milk, bottles and took him to the vet. We fed him, we took him in. Today he's the handsomest big boy I've ever seen. My Citrus is the most curious, adventurous, funny, loving, and helpful kitty. We love him so much that he gets anything - I mean anything - he wants.

    Citrus personality is quite unique he's very stubborn, he's very independent. He does one trick, it's called wheel of fun where you put your hand in front of him and he climbs on your hand and you move your hand up and down while he's on it. He also plays hockey. Where he hits a paper ball back and forth with you doing the same. He's affectionate only when he wants to, he loves to be baby talked to, he gets all spoiled and starts meowing. His eight years with us have been very interesting, he keeps us on our toes. He's also very helpful. He like to smell Clorox but we don't know why. All in all, he loves pictures, he loves to model for us, that's basically Citrus' life day to day. He keeps us busy. And he hates certain things on the counter - here's the video proof!

   That's my story of our Citrus.

Citrus, the Cat of the Day
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Citrus, the Cat of the Day
Citrus, the Cat of the Day
Citrus, the Cat of the Day

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