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Evie, the Cat of the Day
Name: Evie
Age: Three years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Ragdoll
Home: Utrecht, Netherlands
   Evie is a lovely little princess. I call her my little princess because she totally is a princess. She can't stand it when I mess up her beautiful fur, she will start cleaning herself immediately and when she runs into something, she will also start cleaning herself act like nothing happend. When my other two cats start messing around with her, she will show them who's the boss. At least, she tries. She will act like she's all that, but when one of the other females dares her to a fight, she will clean herself and ignore them, really because she's terrible at fighting. It's like she don't wants to mess up her fur. Really fun to watch.

    What I love about her is that she really loves being around me. She will follow me around the house and will jump on my lap as soon as I sit down. When I leave the house, she will sit in front off the window miauwing. As soon as she sees me come up the driveway, she will wait for me at the door. In the evening, she will snuggle up with me in bed, and when I go to sleep, she will sleep at my feet.

    Evie is really protective. She's always near me and when she hears me cry or notice that I'm not happy, she will start miauwing and starts cuddling with me. She always cheers me up.

Evie, the Cat of the Day
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Evie, the Cat of the Day
Evie, the Cat of the Day
Evie, the Cat of the Day

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