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Cookie the Long-haired Cat
Name: Cookie
Age: Three years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Long-haired Cat
Home: Brno, Czech Republic
   cookie is my cat, she is no specific breed, just a common long-haired cat. That said, her fur is so thick I don’t know if she even noticed the snow when these pictures were taken! She is special because she is just so horribly cute!

     I have know Cookie her whole life. She is not my first cat, in fact she was a kitten from the fourth generation of our cats. She was one of three kittens in her litter. She is really cuddly and sweet, and is very soft to snuggle with. She is still a young cat, just three years old, so she is still very playful. She loves hunting a piece of a string when I shake it or drag it, and enjoys "fighting" (really playing, there’s no blood drawn or animosity involved) with some of the other cats we have. I love her very much!

Cookie the Long-haired Cat, the Cat of the Day

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